Creative Commons and Open Science for Arts, Design and Music

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  • Through this series of three webinars, Creative Commons (CC) aims to help participants develop open licensing expertise and a deeper understanding of recommended practices for better sharing of knowledge and culture, especially cultural heritage. The CC webinars will provide professional learning opportunities on selected elements of copyright, open licensing in the cultural heritage world, and how to get involved in open movements.
  • Obiettivi
  • The goals of the webinars are to hold a space for open discussions with participants with the hopes of educating and engaging in dialog on the many different topics under the umbrella theme of open culture. The CC Open Culture program champions better sharing of cultural heritage collections for the benefit of all and promotes the potential of open access to unlock universal access to knowledge and culture, pursuant to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. The webinars aim to offer an opportunity to understand CC’s mission, develop knowledge and skills in copyright and open licensing, and gain visibility among a global open culture community that stands for equity, sustainability, access, and better sharing.
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