A conversation with ProLitteris

  • Presentazione
  • A webinar focusing on Swiss CMO (Collective right Management Organisations) and specifically on ProLitteris. Managing the copyright of original works in the field of literature, photography and visual arts, ProLitteris is a key stakeholder when dealing with Open Access for Arts, Design and Music in Switzerland. The webinar is a conversation between Noa Bacchetta, attorney-at-law and lecturer with a focus on law in art and design as well as consultant for the Open Science for Arts, Design and Music (OS-ADM) research project, and Philip Kübler, ProLitteris CEO/Director General. The discussion will focus on Open Access with the aim of enquiring about the policies and agenda of ProLitteris on the topic. It is an occasion to clarify doubts and get a peek 'behind the scenes' of decision making. Speakers will discuss different case studies so as to provide a hands-on approach that might resonate with the audience.
  • Obiettivi
  • - Clarify ProLitteris' Open Access Policies - Answer questions and doubts regarding the function and working principles of ProLitteris - Discussion of case studies that provide a hand-on approach to the issues of Open Access - Further mutual understanding between ProLitteris (licensors) and the community of researchers, academic staff, librarians and practitioners (licensees) in fields of arts, design and music
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