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Copyright and Open Access in Switzerland

  • Codice
  • IDE WBA - 02
  • Presentazione
  • The webinar aims to briefly give an overview of the principles of copyright according to the Swiss Copyright Act with the help of concrete examples, especially what are the conditions for a work to be protected by copyright and related rights, what is the difference between the role of the author and that of the right holder, and which legal licenses, such as private use, educational purposes and quotation, does the law lay down. Moreover, a brief mention on how is the second publication right currently regulated in Switzerland and how can the author publish open access will be provided, after which there will be room for questions.
  • Obiettivi
  • After the webinar participants should have enough knowledge about copyright to be more aware on how to generally manage copyrights, both when the participant creates a work (s/he is the author) and in case s/he uses someone else’s work.
  • Destinatari
  • Researchers, teachers, librarians and administrators.
  • Requisiti
  • No requirements are required.
  • Crediti di studio
  • 0 ECTS
  • Programma
  • Welcoming and introduction; What are the conditions for a work (and a photograph) to be protected by copyright and related rights in Switzerland; Who is the Author and who is the Right holder; How is a user allowed to reuse an existing work, according to Swiss legal licenses; How is the second publication right currently regulated in Switzerland and how can an author publish open access; Q&A
  • Durata
  • 1 hour and a half
  • Responsabile/i
  • Iolanda Pensa, SUPSI DACD Chiara Barbieri, SUPSI DACD
  • Relatore/i
  • Suzanna Marazza, USI CCdigitallaw
  • Iscrizione ai corsi
  • By March 12th 2023, sending an e-mail to chiara.barbieri@supsi.ch
  • Date
  • February 15th 2023
  • Orari
  • 11am - 12.30am
  • Luogo
  • Via MS Teams platform
  • Costo
  • Participation is free
  • Informazioni di contatto
  • SUPSI Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e design Continuing education Campus Mendrisio T +41 58 666 63 10 dacd.fc@supsi.ch
  • Informazioni
  • The webinar is in English and is recorded. Participants are invited to send any questions for the speakers to chiara.barbieri@supsi.ch by 12.02.2023. For more information, visit https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Open_Science_for_Arts,_Design_and_Music/Training/Webinars. A training event organised as part of the Open Science for Arts, Design and Music project. (https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Open_Science_for_Arts,_Design_and_Music) with the support of SUPSI and swissuniversities.
Maggiori informazioni
  • SUPSI, DACD, Formazione continua
    Campus Mendrisio, via Flora Ruchat-Roncati 15
    CH – 6850 Mendrisio
    +41 (0)58 666 63 10
    CHE-108.955.570 IVA