Humanistic Marketing Executive Seminar

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  • In recent years, marketing strategies have focused on B2B (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) segments. We believe the best way to stand out in the market today is to give people what they want, and this is exactly the kind of approach offered by Human to Human (H2H) Marketing.
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  • The great revolution in contemporary marketing is understanding and sharing the sensibilities and worldview of the individual it addresses. It is increasingly evident, there is an emerging need for a new relationship, one that promotes connections between people.There is a need to take note of the changing marketplace and lead clients to manage it through skills and strategies that have competitive edge. Prominent among these is the ability to place the customer at the center, to look at the customer as a person. Implementing a new way of training, leading them to acquire those skills that are essential today to live and operate in this scenario, such as the ability to manage new digital technologies, to think outside the box to arrive comfortably at innovative solutions, to be flexible and open to change. In the context in which people are returning to the center, there is a need for interconnection and simplification, as well as those related to protecting the environment in which we live becomes equally central. So, if it is important to take individuals into account, it is also important to consider other current issues such as Technology,Sustainability, Design Thinking, and Digitalization.
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