Artificial Intelligence Applications to Industrial Robotics

  • Presentazione
  • Robotics is a key enabler for industries. In fact, manipulators are increasingly used to perform a wide variety of applications, assisting the human operators, relieving them from repetitive and onerous tasks. While past applications were addressed merely programming a specific robot behavior to perform a highly customized task, advanced intelligence is now needed in order to provide adaptability and flexibility to the robotic system, making it able to face new situations. Indeed, Artificial Intelligence finds massive application to enhance the robot intelligence. Thus, this course aims to address such a field, highlighting interesting contributions in the development of intelligent manipulators in the industrial robotics context.
  • Obiettivi
  • This course will provide the participants with theoretical and practical basis to select, implement, and make use of AI techniques for industrial robots and processes.
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  • 0 ECTS
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