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Data Visualization x Machine Learning (English)

  • Codice
  • DACD001_EN
  • Presentazione
  • Data Visualization for Machine Learning is a workshop of innovation and creativity which will take place on-line during two weekends next October, 22nd – 23rd and 29th – 30th, 2022. The course will be hosted by Edwin Jakobs, partner of RNDR - a studio for interactive design-, creative coder and the principal developer of OPENRNDR. Machine Learning (ML) and Data Visualization (DV) are shaping multiple domains of the human experience, driven by the increasing offerings of different tools and applications that promote accessibility to these fields even for designers who do not have a background in computer science, making them able to consider a broader spectrum of methods and solutions during their work. This workshop proposes a learning journey in which students, designers-artist and workers are enabled to create digital artifacts based on ML technologies and Data visualization techniques, through simplified workflows, a learning by doing approach, tools guided use and open resources.
  • Obiettivi
  • Participants will learn how to include and combine Machine Learning and Data Visualization practices in their projects and experiment with some simple tools created for designers and artists.
  • Destinatari
  • The workshop is open for anyone who’s interested and curious to explore the application of Machine Learning and Data Visualization techniques in creative practices.
  • Requisiti
  • No previous experience in machine learning is required, but some basic coding experience is welcome, since most of the tools are code-based.
  • Certificato
  • Attendancy certificate.
  • Crediti di studio
  • 2 ECTS
  • Programma
  • The first part of the workshop experiments with the application of existing machine learning models and tools to analyses images, video and sound to produce annotated media. Here annotated media can be seen as media with a high-level description of its contents. These descriptions enable complex media to be organized, mapped out and visualized in a more-or-less human vocabulary. The second topic of the workshop is working with tools to analyses and further simplify descriptions such that they can be visualized. The two subjects will be addressed in a hands-on manner through instructions, exercises and examples. The workshop requires a bit of programming, which will be done using the OPENRNDR framework.
  • Durata
  • 4 days, 32-lecture hours in total
  • Responsabile/i
  • Antonella Autuori – SUPSI, researcher and program coordinator
  • Relatore/i
  • Edwin Jakobs, main developer of the OPENRNDR open source framework for creative coding, whose work revolves around software and data, ranging from visual art, information design to software engineering. Related links: https://openrndr.org/ https://orml.openrndr.org/
  • Iscrizione ai corsi
  • by September 30th, 2022
  • Date
  • October 22nd – 23rd, 2022 October 29th – 30th, 2022
  • Orari
  • 9am – 12am 1pm – 6pm
  • Luogo
  • Online (MS Teams o Zoom, to be defined)
  • Costo
  • University students: CHF 150.- Professionals: CHF 300.-
  • Osservazioni
  • The course will be held in English and is promoted by: Master in interaction Design SUPSI, https://maind.supsi.ch/master-interaction-design/ Swiss Design Network, https://swissdesignnetwork.ch/ The number of participants is limited to 15. Max. number of students: 7 Max. number of professionals: 8
  • Informazioni di contatto
  • Administration: SUPSI Formazione continua +41 58 666 63 10 centralino dacd.fc@supsi.ch
  • Informazioni
  • Technical information: Antonella Autuori SUPSI, Dipartimento ambiente costruzioni e design Istituto Design antonella.autuori@supsi.ch T +41 58 666 69 31
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  • SUPSI, DACD, Formazione continua
    Campus Mendrisio, via Flora Ruchat-Roncati 15
    CH – 6850 Mendrisio
    +41 (0)58 666 63 10
    CHE-108.955.570 IVA