CAS IT Assurance

  • Presentazione
  • The Certificate of Advanced Studies in IT Assurance has been developed to provide participants with knowledge and skills to perform an information systems audit, which is an examination of the controls existing in an IT function and/or in the business applications of an organization either as part of Internal audit or as an external consultant. The evaluation of evidence obtained determines if the information systems are safeguarding assets, maintaining data integrity, and operating effectively and efficiently to achieve the organization's objectives. At the end of the CAS the participants should be able to plan and conduct an audit or an assessment autonomously.
  • Obiettivi
  • - Know the principles of IT auditing and its main fields of action - Obtain an understanding of the audit process and learn the methodology for planning an IT audit - Approach IT risks and how to mitigate them with proper controls - Learn about controls (management controls, application controls etc.) - Learn the purpose of IT audits and how/why they are conducted (techniques, tools)
  • Crediti di studio
  • 13 ECTS
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